Chairside Dental Hygiene Assistant

Course Descriptions
Certificate of Program Completion (Catalog Year: 2018)

DENA 0010 - Chairside Dental Hygiene Assistant Orientation 0 Hours
The Chairside Dental Hygiene Assistant program provides students with the skills necessary for entry level employment in a variety of dental settings. Students will learn terminology and science behind dentistry, obtaining and recording medical and dental histories, as well as gathering vital signs of patients, instruct patients in oral hygiene and plaque control, and provide pre- and post-operative instructions as prescribed by a dentist. Student will also learn to set up instrument trays; sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment; expose diagnostic dental radiographs; make dental impressions and study casts; clean and polish the coronal portion of the teeth; and apply topical fluorides to strengthen teeth. Administrative instruction includes scheduling appointments, receiving payments, completing insurance forms and maintaining patient records. Students in this program are required to complete a non-paid externship by working in two different dental settings.  
DENA 1010 - Dental Terminology 30 Hours
This course introduces the student to dental terminology that will be used throughout the program and will help students learn the correct pronunciation and proper application of each term as it relates to specific dental procedures. It will also provide the student with the skills necessary to interpret and understand dental terminology, in order to be successful in the dental setting.  
EHIT 1020 - Dental Law and Ethics 30 Hours
This course provides the student exposure to the legal and ethical issues that impact the dental office. Students will be required to understand and demonstrate proper ethics etiquette and protocol within a dental setting. They will understand HIPAA regulations and take a test to receive their HIPAA certificate. In addition, students will learn about the Dental Practice Act and be able to navigate the Department of Public Licensing (DOPL) website.  
DENA 1100 - Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Assistants 30 Hours
Students in this course are provided an overview of human anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on the head and neck. Students will learn and be familiar with the terminology of body systems as they relate to the head and neck. Students will be able to identify and label specific anatomy of the head and neck.  
DENA 1110 - Overview of Dental Assisting 60 Hours
Students in this course are provided with an introduction to dental administration and assisting in the professional dentistry field, as well as the different professional dental industry specialties.  
EHIT 2070 - Dental Office Management 60 Hours
Students in this course learn the basic skills needed to perform administrative functions efficiently in a dental setting. Students will also learn the basic skills necessary to perform patient management, appointment and recall management, inventory control, and written communications.  
DENA 1040 - Dental Assisting Clinical Procedures I 30 Hours
This course discusses dental assisting as a profession and the individuals filling the many roles in a dental practice, along with exploring the many specialties found within dentistry. The student will study the prenatal development and composition and structure of the oral cavity as well as terms associated with the teeth.  
DENA 1065 - Dental Assisting Clinical Lab II 60 Hours
Students in this course will learn basic disease concepts and infection control measures as per OSHA regulations. This course describes microbiology and pathology related to disease transmission. Students will learn the importance and application of MSDS sheets in the classroom and dental office. Students will be required to demonstrate safety competency through written testing of safety rules for the dental treatment and sterilization areas. Students will learn exposure control and aseptic procedures.  
DENA 1140 - Chairside Overview 60 Hours
Upon completion of this course students will demonstrate the following skills: instrument identification, transferring, and retrieving. Students will also understand mixing and use of dental materials, assist with restorative chairside procedures, and perform lab procedures such as impressions, pouring and preparing models.  
DENA 2060 - Dental Radiology 90 Hours
This course meets the Utah State Dental Board requirement for non-licensed personnel x-ray certification and discusses methods to protect the patient and operator from the harmful effects of exposure to radiation. Students will learn the correct methods to expose, process, mount and store patient radiographs.  
DENA 1150 - Dental Science I Review 90 Hours
In this course, students will review and practice how to assist a dentist or hygienist performing the functions of a dental practice. Includes a review of chairside assisting, patient preparation, front office functions, selected dental office laboratory procedures, and introduction to radiology. Students will be required to complete the Utah State Office of Education Dental Assistant: Dental Science I-IV exams for course completion.  
EHIT 2081 - Dental Insurance and Medical Cross Coding 60 Hours
Students in this course will learn the basic skills necessary to perform proper insurance coding and billing procedures--to include manual and electronic procedures. Students will be introduced to Medical-Dental Cross Coding procedures; as well as ICD-10 Coding.  
EHIT 1800 - Dental Records 90 Hours
Students in this course learn to manage dental records through manual and electronic procedures. Students learn bookkeeping and financial functions, technology used in the dental office, electronic communications, telecommunications, and electronic dental records management and storage.  
EHIT 1250 - Therapeutic Communications for Health Professionals 30 Hours
This course will provide the student with the basic principles of psychology required in a healthcare environment including the identification of developmental stages of the life cycle, hereditary, cultural and environmental influences on behavior and mental health issues.  
WKSK 1400 - Workplace Relations 60 Hours
This course will help you develop essential human-relation skills needed to maintain gainful and satisfying employment. It includes familiarization with problematic areas found in the workforce including: presenting yourself professionally, developing a professional work ethic, developing interpersonal skills, winning at office politics, and planning and managing your career.  
WKSK 1500 - Job Seeking Skills 30 Hours
Students in this course will learn to prepare and successfully apply to potential career opportunities. Students will be presented with essential job-seeking skills needed to find gainful employment.