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Nurse Assistant

Course Descriptions
DATC Certificate of Program Completion (Catalog Year: 2017, Required Hours: 108)

NAHA 0000 - Nurse Assistant Orientation 0 Hours
NAHA 1005 - Nurse Assistant 84 Hours
Students who complete this course will learn the holistic approach to safely caring for patients in a variety of settings and will develop a basic understanding of how healthcare systems operate and how to function efficiently within a facility. After completing this course and passing a state examination, students will play an essential role on a healthcare team by observing, reporting, and performing skills learned within this course. Students will understand how to work on a healthcare team to meet the patient needs.  
NAHA 1015 - Nurse Assistant Clinicals 24 Hours
Students in this course will gain experience for the Certified Nursing Assistant program through the performance of simple nursing skills that are appropriate for the profession. For example, students will learn personal hygiene, intake and output, bed making, etc. Students are required to complete hands-on clinical training at a long-term nursing facility. Training is supervised by state approved clinical instructors.  
NAHA 1011 - Feeding Aide 12 Hours
This course is designed for any individual who will be responsible for feeding residents in a long term care facility. This course is designed to meet the federal and state regulations for the paid nutrition assistant. Students will learn federal and state rules and gain practical experience with a competency skills check off.  
NAHA 1012 - Health Careers for the Nurse Assistant 15 Hours
This course is designed for students who have an interest in health care professions and will provide an overview of the health care industry. Students will learn about careers that are available, salary ranges, professional organizations, educational preparation, credentials required for different professions, career mobility and employment projections.  
NAHA 1050 - Nurse Assistant Fundamentals 30 Hours
Students will learn the basic occupational vocabulary associated with a nursing assistant career. Students will also use and apply a number of study skill methods for practicing, memorizing, and defining proper medical terminology. As part of this goal, students will develop an individual study method that prepares them for reading and preparing for CNA tests and exams.  
NAHA 1025 - Nurse Assistant Test Preparation 6 Hours
Students in this course will prepare for the Utah Nurse Assistant Registry (UNAR) written and skill demonstration exams. Students will employ test taking strategies that help them identify the correct answers to multiple choice questions and develop methods that will help them read and comprehend the concepts being tested. Students will also explain and demonstrate selected skills to their class in preparation for the skills portion of the exam.