Plumbing Apprentice

Plumbing Apprentice program

Students in DATC's Utah Plumbing Apprentice program will learn design, install, repair and maintaining piping systems such as soil, waste, vent, potable water, waste water treatment, gas systems (medical, propane, and natural) in residential, commercial, industrial building and utility sites. Students will learn to assemble, install, maintain and repair pipes, fittings, fixtures, appurtenances, appliances of heating, storm water and sanitary drainage systems according to specifications and plumbing codes. In addition, students will learn how to install sanitary fixtures; such as lavatories, toilets, bathtubs, bathrooms accessories, showers, kitchen sinks and appliances, drinking fountains and laundry equipment. Students can also participate in the Skills USA program here at the DATC.

Program Cost
(Tuition, Student Fees and Books. Some courses may require additional fees.)
Program Length
720 hours (4 Years)
Main Campus
Open Enrollment Year Round
Classroom Availability
07:30 AM - 10:30 AM
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Lock/Step Training Schedule

Lock/Step Training Schedules

Apr 2017

PLAP 1012: Plumbing Apprentice 1B

Apr 04, 2017 - Jun 14, 2017

06:30 PM - 09:30 PM

Tu We Th

NOTE: High school students may request a schedule that coincides with the high school morning bell schedule by notifying Student Services.
Adult College Admission Fee
Tuition and Fees
Adult Tuition: Details
High School Students: $40.00 (additional class fees may still apply)
Books and Supplies
Certificate Processing Fee
Pell Grants
Not Eligible
Not Eligible
DATC Credentials
DATC Certificate of Program Completion
Industry Certifications
The DATC Plumbing Apprentice program provides students with the necessary skills to begin employment in their selected field. Students who complete their program will be prepared to take the tests for the following certifications:
Journeyman Plumber
CTE Skill Certificate (High School Students Only)
Plumbing 1 (Apprentice)
Placement Rates
Utah Wages
Low Median High
$13.32 $22.45 $30.05
Utah Job Outlook and Work Requirements
Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters
High School
  1. Verify you meet program Admissions Requirements
  2. Complete the DATC Admissions process:
  3. Meet with an Enrollment Technician in Student Services
  4. Start Class